As a team of agile developers, we are used to tackling complex technical problems and providing businesses with robust solutions. But this, this was something more!

We’ve combined SEO and Paid Media expertise with our exceptional technical skills to build a tool that is unlike any in the market. We look not at singular positions, but instead at total search results page ownership.

Complex results made simple

Search results as we know them have been changing non-stop. The way Google displays results has moved from the classic blue links, into a full experience on the search results page themselves.

There’s now map packs, Google my business, answer boxes, events, images, video, paid ads and so much more which dominate the top of the serp.

It’s a challenge to understand how this impacts our day to day marketing plans. We wanted to translate the complexity of changing search results into something that everyone can understand.

Give your campaign a boost

SERPsketch replicates how Google search results display in your chosen market, and sketches over the top who owns each result, providing an estimate of how much of the page you own.

It understands your own domain and social profiles, as well as tracking any named partner domains (think resellers, stockists and friendly publications) or competitors. 

SERPsketch allows you to quickly identify a strong presence for a keyword or term you are targeting. Giving your campaign an advantage by evidencing how much serp space is available.

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