SERPsketch for Agencies

Whether you’re a big cog in a global network of agencies, or a freelancer, SERPsketch will increase efficiencies, measure your successes and wow your clients.

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SERPsketch is categorically not a rank tracking SEO tool. It enables agencies to see how search campaigns are performing collectively across both organic and paid positions on Google Page One, helping to drive campaign strategy and crucially uncovering new search and content opportunities for your client.

Understand what Google shows your clients’ customers

SERPsketch enables you to give clients a true picture of their visibility on Page One of Google, not just a misleading organic rank position. It’s misleading because organic results don’t always show at the top of the page and SERPs are sometimes dominated by a multitude of other features that distract users from organic results. With SERPsketch, show your clients what space they own across all the Google features shown on the Page One SERP.

Keyword visualisation with shopping dominating the right side of the SERP
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Uncover opportunities to dominate Page One

Show your customers exactly where the opportunities are for them to gain space on Page One of Google. SERPsketch visualises the percentage of space owned by clients, competitors and partners, so you can devise strategies that help clients dominate the space available.

Help your teams grow existing accounts

Use SERPsketch to generate work items for your consultants and provide ideas for account teams to raise with clients to win more business. Identify the most impactful channels to upsell and demonstrate your added value. SERPsketch helps drive decisions and embed your company long-term with clients.

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Total SERP space breakdown

Add context to other campaign data

Use the Export Data function to incorporate SERPsketch data into your existing reporting, wowing your clients with the depth of insight your agency offers.

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Track campaign performance over time

Show clients the true impact and value of your agency’s work. Track performance of topic cluster keyword sets or drill down into individual keywords, reporting progress to your clients visually and easily.

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Screenshot of a visualisation of page with PPC ads and shopping dominating the SERP

Prevent cannibalisation of search campaigns

Use SERPsketch to make sure SEM campaigns are not competing
against ongoing SEO work, nor competing against channel partners’ tactics.

Proactively monitor SERP volatility

With hourly, daily, monthly or custom tracking you can help clients in the peak trading periods that are so tactically important, as well as over the longer term.

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Maintain security between client accounts

To keep client campaigns separate and accessible only to certain users, you can create more than one subscription within your account and specify user access to each subscription. Every subscription can have as many users as you need at no additional cost.

Win more new clients

Use SERPsketch to prepare a real-world view of SERP features for pitch decks, demonstrating your knowledge, credibility and value to prospective clients.

Screenshot depicting the SERP feature breakdown element in SERPsketch.

“With the search landscape changing so much it was imperative we had a more holistic approach to key organic client rankings. SERPSketch allows us to very quickly create strategies that allow us to spend our clients’ money more effectively, operating in a SERP space where they will get clicks and conversions.”

Nick Wassink, Founder and CEO, Verkeer

Why Agencies should use SERPsketch

Help your clients dominate Page One SERPs for their most important keywords, outsmarting their competition.

Win new clients by offering new insights that other agencies can’t identify with rank tracking tools. 

Prove the success of your SEO recommendations by tracking the increase in  share of page over time.

No hidden costs. Everyone gets everything with SERPsketch, and you can add as many users as you like to your subscription at no additional charge.

Quickly understand changes in CTR through SERPsketch visualisations of the SERP and changes in features since the CTR change.

Understand Page One performance across all aspects of the SERP, not just organic so your SEO and PPC teams can ensure they are working in alignment.

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