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Join the dots across paid search and SEO for a cross-channel approach, coherent search marketing strategy, improved efficiencies and bigger search impact.

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Marketers need to be on the pulse of everything online. Understanding the overall effectiveness of search marketing (paid and organic) is vital but time consuming. SERPsketch makes it easy by tracking the keywords important to your brand, showing your share of Page One (the only page that matters) and giving insights on your overall search performance.

Devise an effective digital strategy

  • In digital marketing, the vast amount of tools and data can be overwhelming. But search marketing strategy boils down to a single basic metric: Page One of Google. SERPsketch lets you create a joined up digital strategy between SEO and SEA,  so you don’t waste time and budget.
  • SERPsketch quantifies the Page One search view, helping you to grow digital overall. It provides a complete data picture rather than keeping the data in silos.
  • More and more businesses are becoming channel-agnostic . Attribution is much more complicated when consumers have so many touchpoints. Looking at PPC and SEO as a single view helps you understand which levers you need to pull, testing what’s going to have an impact and what isn’t.,
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Spot marketing opportunities

  • Learn which domains are growing and shrinking over time, as new players enter the market and competitors refocus their digital efforts.
  • With an accurate picture of your online competitor landscape, you can see who is competing against you for terms that are most important to your business. Find the areas they out-perform you, then double down your efforts in these areas and evidence the changes.
  • See every domain that has appeared for a keyword set or individual URLs making up a SERP, so search competitor analysis is quick and easy.

Prevent cannibalisation of digital tactics

  • Because of the complex search landscape PPC and SEO can end up not supporting each other, or even actively working against each other. Use SERPsketch to review cross-channel tactics and check they are working cohesively.
  • Make sure you aren’t competing with resellers for share of Page One or paid ad space.
Domain ownership by SERP feature with PPC ads zoomed in
A list of People Also Asked questions with the keywords that triggered the question

Help focus content marketing

  • Identify the “people also asked” questions and the frequency they show in the SERPs for your keyword set, to plan content that will help you dominate Page One.
  • See which competitor pages appear in results to generate content ideas for your own site.
  • Learn which Google features (such as videos or FAQs) are triggered for individual keywords or keyword sets, so you can build your content plan to secure that space.

Building closer relationships with partners

  • If your business has a reseller channel, use SERPsketch to make sure you aren’t competing with partners for space on Page One.
  • Work with your partner channel to agree where you’ll each focus to own keyword dominance for your sector or brand.
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Screenshot of a campaign sketch overview graph over time

Evidence marketing investment

  • Quickly evidence the results of your search marketing campaigns using SERPsketch. Track what appears against keywords over time, covering all features of Google, with visibility across both paid and organic channels.
  • Use visual reports to evidence the work you have done and the effect on which features you own in the SERP.

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