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Search marketing is an essential part of ecommerce marketing, but focusing on being at the top of Google isn’t enough. 

With Google’s many SERP features, including shopping, you need to see the whole search landscape clearly and know what features show in SERPs so you can make effective decisions on where to place budget. That’s where SERPsketch comes in. 

Illustration of a woman selecting a dress on a website

Savvy customers always shop around online to find the best deal. Google’s shopping and comparison features help them easily compare options easily. SERPs for buyer intent keywords can be volatile. 

Paid and Organic ecommerce teams report on different metrics. Direct and reseller businesses might cannibalise each other. SERPsketch can help you optimise all your search tactics to stay ahead of the competition.

Grow site traffic

  • Videos, shopping, ads and other features might appear before organic results so if you focus SEO on increasing ranking only, position one is no longer enough to be successful. 
  • Using SERPsketch, identify the features that Google displays in a SERP for your keyword set or for individual keywords. Identify the features displayed at the top, so you can try to dominate those, ensuring that people searching for your products or services see your company first.
  • With information from SERPsketch, you can pick which channels will have the maximum impact and grow your share of first page results.
Screenshot depicting the SERP feature breakdown element in SERPsketch.
SERP space breakdown for cordless vacs keyword

Evidence changes in the SERP

  • Visualising what a customer would see when searching for your product or service helps stakeholders who are not SEO experts to understand the challenges, and – crucially – see the solutions to increasing visibility.
  • Tracking results over time lets you test campaign tactics and review their impact on share of page.

Keyword based optimisation

  • Understand the features that make up the SERP for your commercial keywords. Use both paid and organic features to ensure your brand is as visible as it can be and understand related topics and questions around those keywords to build topical clusters.
Screenshot of keywords for power tools zoomed in on those with high "owned" space in page one
List of keywords for a vacuum cleaner keyword sketch

Optimise your reseller channel activity

  • Use SERPsketch to see clearly where your partners are focusing efforts on specific SERP features and to avoid cannibalisation between direct and channel business.
  • Identify whether your channel partners are promoting your products or those of your competitors for non-brand keywords that are important to you.
  • Find opportunities where you and your reseller channel could own or buy more visibility.
“SERPsketch gives you all the information you need to optimise the top of your marketing funnel, showing you what features of Google you need to be present in. It saves a huge amount of time as it provides a priority list for you based on the opportunity in market-based on where your weaknesses are. You can immediately respond for those competing against you for that visibility, all you need is a great team to act on the insights and C2O are fortunate to have just that.”
Tom Coad, Acquisition Manager, Clothes2Order

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