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Tracking just rankings or SERP visibility does not provide you with an accurate view of how your SEO efforts are really impacting Page One. These standard metrics don’t account for Featured Snippets or an increase in paid advertising space. Being ranked number one doesn’t mean you’re at the top of the page – it could be half way down! That’s why SERPsketch is essential for understanding your share of Page One.
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How SERPsketch supports SEO specialists

SERPsketch is a focused on the first page of Google’s search results, showing exactly what customers see when they search for your products or services. For SEO specialists it changes how you measure your SEO visibility by looking at the total space that your domain is taking up in search results, providing recognition for in-SERP optimisation and your use of structured markup for the search results.

SEO strategy

Review your overall search marketing strategy

  • See which of your pages (and those of channel partners, competitors or others) are displayed in the SERP across your whole keyword set and by individual keyword.
  • Make strategic decisions on where to focus organic efforts and – crucially – where not to.
  • Optimise your search marketing strategy to be visible in the features of Google that will appear when your customers look for your products and services.
  • Discover how keywords with purchase intent display very different SERPs to those with research intent.
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Animated gif of all the questions asked for DIY keywords

Justify investment in structured data

  • Measure and assess the importance of “People Also Ask” (question) boxes across a keyword set.
  • See which questions might appear across a keyword set and how often they display.
  • Evidence the proportion of the SERPs that require structured data to win them.

Identify the features of Google where your brand is most or least present

  • By monitoring search space in a visual and quantifiable way, SERPsketch can pick up changes in SERPs faster than other tools.
  • Identifying a new change in result types helps you to stay ahead with the changes Google makes, and lets you know where to focus to be visible on Page One.
  • Discover exactly which URLs are triggering which features of Google and analyse both your own and your competitors’ results, so you can spot opportunities to increase your own visibility.
Screenshot depicting the SERP feature breakdown element in SERPsketch.
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Discover which domains or URLs appear most across a keyword set for a particular SERP feature

  • See which websites appear most often across a keyword set and which feature of Google triggers that URL.
  • Use this to find your most valuable pages across your topic clusters, or to analyse a competitor’s most valuable pages.


Keyword visualisation with shopping dominating the right side of the SERP

Increase the volume of high-quality traffic to your website

  • Results near the top of SERPs tend to perform better than those below the fold. Discover which features of the SERP are present at the top for your keywords sets.
  • See exactly who is beating you to the top spots and take action to outperform them.
  • Use SERPsketch to spot drops in your share of Page One, then use the insights to take prompt action on recovering that share.

Understand the questions shown in the SERPs

  • Find every question that has been asked in a keyword set, as well as understanding how many times that question has appeared, which keywords triggered the question and which URL Google featured as an answer.
  • Evidence the need for structured data, to build high quality landing pages relevant to your most important keywords or to improve your product or service pages.
A list of People Also Asked questions with the keywords that triggered the question
Screenshot of a visualisation of page with PPC ads and shopping dominating the SERP

Prevent cannibalisation of other brand tactics

  • Google has complicated the search landscape with its own features so PPC and SEO can end up working against each other, as well as partners against brands. With SERPsketch,  monitor cross-channel tactics to make sure that SEO efforts aren’t cannibalised.
  • SERPsketch not only helps you see where your PPC and SEO might overlap, but it allows you to discover what you should be doing to earn additional feature space.


Measure your share of space

  • Even if you’re ranking higher organically every month, it will have little impact unless you’re on Page One and showing in the particular SERP features that Google is prioritising for that keyword. SERPsketch shows you exactly how much of the SERPs you occupy across a keyword set by visual share of the total page.
  • Results are broken down to show which features of the results page you and your competitors are visible in. Crucially, you can see every domain that has appeared across a keyword set, making search competitor analysis quick and easy. Or drill down to see every URL that has appeared on Page One for a given keyword.
SERP space breakdown for cordless vacs keyword
Screenshot of an example sketch visualisation

Visualise the complex SERP landscape for those less familiar with SEO

  • Those less familiar with SEO may not be able to see your SEO campaigns’ return on investment clearly. SERPsketch graphs and charts are designed to make SEO as easy to understand as possible, focusing on the thing that matters most  Page One of Google.
  • What could be easier than showing stakeholders the improvement over time in your share of page one?

Track competitors

Screenshot showing a list of competitor domains for women's clothing keywords

Monitor your competitors' search marketing

  • See which of your pages (and those of partners, competitors or others) are displayed in the SERPs across your whole keyword set.
  • Make strategic decisions on where to focus effort to beat the competition, and where not to. 

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