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Use SERPsketch to discover which Google features appear on Page One alongside your ads and to see if other features are impacting your clickthrough rate.

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The costs of paid media are increasing in competitive markets, so it’s essential to allocate budget within the most impactful channels. By identifying the share of search results owned by paid ads (either PPC or shopping), you can understand where paid channels will be seen prominently above organic listings and where Google’s rich results are dominating the SERP space.

Screenshot of a visualisation of page with PPC ads and shopping dominating the SERP

Find your marketing mix

  • SERPsketch gives a fully integrated view of all elements of a search results page, so you understand where other channels can take over from paid media or where paid could take a bigger share.
  • Depending on where competitors are present on the SERP, and on your share of other search features through organic, SERPsketch can help you decide what areas to focus on with (and without) paid spend.

True impression share

  • Export SERPsketch reports and blend the data with your other paid media metrics to see a truer picture of where you sit against a competitor.
  • Use SERPsketch to better decide if or when to make a change to your paid ads, by knowing the real space your paid activity owns amongst other channels and features.
Screenshot depicting the SERP feature breakdown element in SERPsketch.
List of URLs shown on a SERP

Monitor your competitors' PPC share of page

  • If a competitor is consistently outbidding you on PPC, use SERPsketch to understand organic opportunities for answer box and organic visibility dominance higher up the funnel.
  • See which domains are growing or shrinking in share. See new market players and understand where competitors are focusing their digital efforts.
  • See exactly which features of Google have been triggered,  down to keyword level, and identify exactly who you’re competing against for that visibility.

Avoid cannibalisation of SEO

  • SERPsketch insights help prevent your paid search efforts from cannibalising SEO. See where the overlaps are and where you can effectively add paid search to dominate Page One.
Domain ownership by SERP feature with PPC ads zoomed in
Shopping feature at top of sketch

Understand why your PPC clickthrough rate is changing

  • If you encounter a sudden change in CTR, use SERPsketch to understand the content that Google has placed directly above the ads feature that might be affecting your ad campaigns.
  • If Google puts a engagingly rich snippet directly above your ads, it could have a massive impact on the CTR. You can decide whether to shift your ad budget to other keywords or to build out your own organic content to gain that rich snippet.

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