SERPsketch for Enterprises

Use SERPsketch insights to set your search marketing strategy, to make tactical changes to your SEO or PPC campaigns to stay ahead of the competition, or to measure the effectiveness of your search marketing across both paid and organic features of Google.

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With so many things to track, measure and monitor, it’s easy to miss when a new competitor appears in your space. It’s even harder to stitch together information from SEO and PPC sources, to ensure one isn’t cannibalising the other. 

SERPsketch quantifies and visualises what your customers see on a SERP for each of your keywords, so you can focus your marketing strategy on dominating Google Page One.

Visualise SERPs for your brand keyword sets

SERPsketch visualises the percentage of space owned by you, your competitors and your partners, so you can see the Google feature opportunities for both keyword sets and individual keywords, and then devise the best SEM strategy to increase visibility.

Screenshot depicting the SERP feature breakdown element in SERPsketch.
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Devise your search strategy based on all Google features not just organic results

See what prospective buyers see on Google when searching for your brand and your products. That means you can focus content and marketing tactics on winning and dominating areas of the SERP that you don’t yet own.

Multi-channel governance

If you own multiple domains, use SERPsketch to monitor how your own channels interact with each one, to manage your search presence efficiently. Monitor your partner domains to understand what share of Page One your reseller partners are securing. SERPsketch enables you to identify and mitigate cross brand cannibalisation as well as to define channel and partnership strategies.

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Screenshot showing a list of competitor domains for women's clothing keywords

Enterprise competitor monitoring

Use SERPsketch to track and monitor your search competition across complex brand, product and category landscapes. See exactly who is competing against you, right down to the keyword level, or monitor at an aggregated level focusing on the bigger picture.

Track campaign performance over time

Use a single source of data to show the changes in share of Page One of Google over a period of time. Track topic clusters or drill down into specific keywords to understand how your campaigns have affected your keyword performance.

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Get clarity for all stakeholders

Use SERPsketch to align stakeholders and make sure that teams across the business are talking the same language, measuring and reporting on what matters most for your brands. Spot opportunities in Page One SERPs and measure the effectiveness of both internal and agency performance across SEO and SEA. Use SERPsketch visual reports to track and measure your successes.


“With the search landscape changing so much it was imperative we had a more holistic approach to key organic client rankings. SERPSketch allows us to very quickly create strategies that allow us to spend our clients’ money more effectively, operating in a SERP space where they will get clicks and conversions.”

Nick Wassink, Founder and CEO, Verkeer

Why Enterprises should use SERPsketch

Dominate Page One SERPs for your most important keywords, outsmarting the competition.

With greater brand visibility on Page One, drive higher CTRs and increased revenues. 

Prove that your SEO strategy is working by tracking the increase in share of Page One over time.

Increase page engagement by producing content that addresses related searches and question boxes for your topic clusters

Understand why your click through rate has changed. Is PPC cannibalising your organic clicks? Has a video taken top spot on the page? Quickly understand changes in SERP features since the CTR change.

Get insights delivered to your inbox that highlight big changes in SERPs that might impact your results. 

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