Ways to get the most of SERPsketch

There are a number of areas of digital marketing, SEO and paid search that SERPsketch can help you with. Here we outline a number of the key areas of knowledge you can gain by using SERPsketch.

I want to know who is actually competing against me in Google

  • Identify competitors in or out of industry that are optimising for the same keywords as you
  • See what your customers see in Google when looking for products you sell

I want to know where should I focus my SEO/SEM budget?

  • Optimise your marketing strategy to be visible in the features of Google that show when your customers look for your products and services

I want to know which features of Google my brand is most/least present in

  • Discover exactly which pages are triggering which feature of Google
  • Analyse both yours and your competitors’ results and spot opportunities to increase visibility

I want to know which domains or URLs appear most across a keyword set for a particular SERP feature

  • See which pages appear most often across a keyword set and which feature of Google that url is triggered for
  • Use this to find your most valuable pages across a keyword set, or use it to analyse a competitors most valuable pages

I want to know what questions are shown in the SERPs

  • Find every question that has been asked in a keyword set, as well as understanding how many times that question has appeared, how many times, which keywords triggered the question and which urls Google featured
  • Use this to evidence the need for structured data, or to build high quality landing pages relevant to your most important keywords

I want to understand how SERP features differ across keyword sets

  • Keywords assumed to have purchase intent display very different results to those with research intent
  • Uncover the exact makeup of the SERPs down to the keyword level
  • Holistic insight into what your customers see when searching Google for your products and services
  • Measure and optimise your marketing across all features of Google

I want to review my overall search marketing strategy

  • Discover which features of the SERP display for each keyword
  • See which pages are actually displayed across your whole keyword set
  • Make strategic decisions on where to, and crucially where not to focus effort

I want to justify investment in structured data

  • Measure and assess the importance of Questions and People Also Ask boxes across a keyword set
  • See what questions appear across a keyword set and how often they display
  • Evidence the proportion of the SERPs that require structured data in order to win them

I want to measure share of voice/share of space

  • See exactly how much of the SERPs you occupy across a keyword set
  • Results are broken down to show which features of the results page you and your competitors are visible in
  • Crucially we show every Domain and URL that has appeared across a keyword set, making search competitor analysis quick and easy

I want to understand how our brand and reseller channels are working together

  • Spot where your channel or reseller partners are competing for the same traffic as you
  • Identify whether your channel partners are promoting your products or your competitors
  • Find gaps where you and your reseller channel could earn more visibility from competitors
  • Avoid cannibalising your channel and see where you’re competing with them on a SERP feature by SERP feature basis

I want to be able to understand and demonstrate SERP volatility

  • Understand volatility at the SERP feature and SERP competition levels, seeing exactly what happens in Google by time of day/day of week
  • Understanding who drops in/out of the SERP can give valuable insight into who else is competing for the same SERP space as you, and where you’re winning/losing
  • Discover whether site traffic peaks are due to fluctuations in SERPs and rankings for key search terms

I want to increase the volume of high quality traffic to my website

  • Discover which features of the SERP are present at the top of the results pages for your keyword sets
  • See exactly who is beating you to the top spots and take action to out-perform them
  • Use SERPsketch to spot drops in search visibility, and use the insights to take action on recovering that visibility

I want to visualise the complex SERP landscape to those less familiar with SEO/SEM

  • See exactly which features of Google have been triggered down to the keyword level, and identify exactly who you’re competing against for that visibility
  • The graphs and charts have been designed to make SEO/SEM as easy to understand as possible, focusing on the thing that matters most, page one of Google

I want to win a new client, or secure more budget for SEO/SEM

  • Evidence the problem and opportunity with visual aids that help to secure buy in
    Build a visibility strategy around what Google is already showing in the SERPs for the keywords you want to optimise for
  • Prove your successes with visual ways to measure an increase in your visibility across page one of Google for the keywords you care about most

I want to show someone or myself want to understand what Google shows my customers

  • See which features of Google are shown right down to the keyword level
  • See who is competing against you for visibility across these features of Google
  • See where there are opportunities to out-maneuver your search competitors

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