SERPsketch helps with many aspects of your digital marketing. Understand what your customers see on the first page of Google’s search results, and build an effective approach that spans all digital channels. SERPsketch visualises the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to help you create an integrated strategy, develop smart tactics to stay ahead of the competition and measure the impact of your marketing actions beyond just rankings.


Use SERPsketch to build your overall marketing strategy through a detailed understanding of what your customers see on the first page of Google. SERPsketch recreates search results to show how different channel results display and helps you identify new opportunities beyond just what a classic rank tracker could. This can help you to plan efficiently where to invest your time and budgets, and spy on what your competition is doing.

Key Features

  • Track a range of keywords to understand how to win your search landscape.
  • See how all channels impact search in one platform and plan your overall search visibility strategy.
  • Discover who your search competition really is, and what your customers see when looking for your products or services.


Use SERPsketch to support your day-to-day tactics across SEO, PPC, and Digital PR, adapting your approach depending on fluctuations in search results. By looking at the volatility of search results and what your competitors are doing, you can stay ahead by adapting your marketing activity to maximise your visibility.

Key Features

  • Take action to own strategically important, or most visible areas of the search results.
  • Tactically adapt your PPC activity to reduce spend in searches where you already have a strong organic presence or competition are not present.
  • Switch your organic focus to search terms where organic listings have the highest prominence.
  • See the questions/people also ask queries that appear most across a keyword set and produce content to answer those queries.


Use SERPsketch to measure your performance in the SERPs across all features of Google. Measure the effectiveness of investment in structured data, partnerships with other brands, or what changes to PPC strategy have on your overall visibility.

Track exactly how much of page 1 of Google’s search results you own, and monitor changes over time to see the impact of your work on your total search market share.

Key Features

  • Track the percentage of space on page 1 you or your competitors own
  • Count the different features appearing within the results
  • See the most frequently asked questions in the search results
  • See how search competition changes over time, and track who is gaining or losing visibility
  • Measure the volatility of SERP features, see whether features appear more at certain times of day or days of week
  • The most valuable urls in a keyword set, who owns them and which keywords are triggering that page

Use Cases

Optimise your marketing strategy to be visible in the features of Google that show when your customers look for your products and services.

  • Discover how keywords with purchase intent display very different results to those with research intent
  • Uncover the exact makeup of the SERPs down to the keyword level
  • Gain holistic insight into what your customers see when searching Google for your products and services
  • Measure and optimise your marketing across all features of Google.
  • Discover which features of the SERP display for each keyword
  • See which pages are actually displayed across your whole keyword set
  • Make strategic decisions on where to, and crucially where not to focus effort.
  • See exactly how much of the SERPs you occupy across a keyword set
  • Results are broken down to show which features of the results page you and your competitors are visible in
  • Crucially see every Domain and URL that has appeared across a keyword set, making search competitor analysis quick and easy.
  • Spot where your channel or reseller partners are competing for the same traffic as you
  • Identify whether your channel partners are promoting your products or those of your competitors
  • Find gaps where you and your reseller channel could earn or buy more visibility from competitors
  • Avoid cannibalising your channel and see where you’re competing with them on a SERP feature by SERP feature basis.
  • See exactly which features of Google have been triggered down to the keyword level, and identify exactly who you’re competing against for that visibility
  • The graphs and charts have been designed to make SEO/SEM as easy to understand as possible, focusing on the thing that matters most, page 1 of Google.