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Forget rank tracking. What matters is your space on page one. 

Our reporting tool visualises your page one weak spots in a matter of moments and brings data-driven SEO, SEA and content strategies into sharp focus. 

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Easy reporting for Page One SERPs

Taking the top spot in organic ranking isn’t what it once was. Organic results don’t always sit at the top of the page, or dominate the space like they used to, and the increasing number of other rich results create distraction for users. 

With SERPsketch, our quick reporting shows you which SERP features your customers see when searching for the products and services you sell. You understand your real share of page one, and take action to occupy the SERP features that matter most. 

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Report your Page One SERP performance, by share of SERP features not organic rank alone.

Takes no time at all to get insights. Get results for your own and other domains in minutes.

No hidden features and no limits on users. Add as many users as you need to your subscription at no extra charge.


Visualise and quantify what a prospective customer would see in search

SERPsketch reports show a visual layout of Page One search results for any keyword, so you understand which features you own and which features you can work to win. It also shows you the overall SERP features for your topic clusters – once you know what results a customer sees for the terms most important to you, you can focus your marketing efforts on the upper areas of the SERP, outsmarting your competition and driving more traffic to your site. 

Keyword visualisation with shopping dominating the right side of the SERP
Screenshot of domains visible in shaving keywords

Know who you’re competing against, both at the keyword and topic cluster level

Find out who is competing against you and what you can do to outmanoeuvre them across all Google’s paid and organic features. Understand which of your competitors’ pages are appearing in the SERP. 

With detailed insights you can avoid taking share of the SERP from partners – or even your own business  and make sure you’re focusing on winning space from your competitors.


Focus on the keywords that drive traffic to a site

Unlike traditional Search Visibility tools, SERPsketch focuses on the keywords (both PPC and organic) that drive traffic into a site, helping you to define where to invest and maximise your marketing efforts. By tracking sets of keywords over time, you can monitor these changes in your visibility, gain insights across multiple keyword groups to build a competitive strategy, evolve your tactics and measure the impact of your digital marketing activity. 

Screenshot of keywords for power tools zoomed in on those with high "owned" space in page one

How it works

Add a single keyword or a group of keywords in a topic cluster
Add your owned domains and your competitor and partner domains
Visualise the SERP for each keyword
See the SERP features that occur across your topic cluster
Understand the full range of questions people also ask for your topic cluster and the frequency those questions appear in SERPs
View all related searches, including the frequency they appear
Get detailed insights to drive strategy
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Add campaign keywords

Add a single keyword or group of keywords in a topic cluster

Domain list setup in wizard

Add your owned domains and your competitor and partner domains

Visualisation of a SERP

Visualise the SERP for each keyword

SERP feature breakdown showing organic features dominate the SERP

See the SERP features that occur across your topic cluster

People also asked questions for cooking keywords

Understand the full range of questions people also ask for your keyword set and the frequency those questions appear in Page One SERPs

A list of related search terms for cooking products

View all related searches, including the frequency they appear in Page One SERPs

Image of a SERPsketch insight

Get detailed insights to drive your search strategy

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SERPsketch Reviewed!

Digital Marketing Strategist, Lilach Bullock, reviews SERPsketch. Read her thoughts on what the tool can do for your SEO.

A better understanding of your SEO/SEM

Whether you’re an agency, a growing brand, or an enterprise level organisation, SERPsketch helps you better plan, measure and improve your SEO/SEM.

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Wow your clients by improving your clients’ search space. Show them the impact of your work and the opportunities available to them.

Growing brands

Fighting big brands is tough! SERPsketch shows you the opportunities to get your brand right where it needs to be to win search visibility and drive customers to your site.


Don’t miss when a new competitor appears in your space. Stitch together information from SEO and PPC sources to drive your performance marketing strategy and effectiveness of search marketing across both paid and organic features of Google.

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What SERPsketch clients say

Spotting opportunities

“SERPsketch gives you all the information you need to optimise the top of your marketing funnel, showing you what features of Google you need to be present in. It saves a huge amount of time as it provides a priority list for you based on the opportunity in market-based on where your weaknesses are.”

Tom Coad, Clothes to Order

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Creating effective strategies

“With the search landscape changing so much it was imperative we had a more holistic approach to key organic client rankings. SERPSketch allows us to very quickly create strategies that allow us to spend our clients money more effectively, operating in a SERP space where they will get clicks and conversions”

Nick Wassink, Verkeer

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